Newly Appointed Executive Chef Showcase A Full-time Passion… And Getting Together To Work Towards Excellence!

Liu Soon Yoong, newly appointed Executive Chef of The Klagan Regency @1Borneo Kota Kinabalu says that being executive chef in a hotel means keeping an eye on everything and being everywhere at once.

“Naturally an executive chef also relies on top staff because try as you might, you cannot at the same time run tastings to ensure quality of each and every food that comes out from the kitchen, makes sure that the right raw food stuffs reach the kitchen and that the cooks and pastry chefs follow the chef’s instructions, prepare food from 1 to 1500 people, manage budgets and actually get behind the stoves, which is all too seldom but always a real pleasure!” commented Chef Yoong.  The appointment adds another layer of local and sustainable flavor to both the banquet and restaurant menus.

With over 22 years of global culinary experience across various renowned hotels and restaurants, Chef Yoong with his creativity and innovation leads the kitchen brigade in providing guests with the most exquisite dining experience in the hotel’s restaurants and ballroom.

Narendra Sinniah, General Manager shared, “Chef Yoong passionately works on local traditional and “from scratch” recipes creating new and exciting menu options giving a burst surprising flavor combinations.”

The Klagan Regency @1Borneo Chef Liu Soon Yoong and team (color)

Background – Chef Yoong took part in the World Chinese Culinary Contest in Taipei, the 4th and 5th Malaysian Golden Chef Competitions and the International Young Chef Chinese Culinary Challenge respectively.  He has also been awarded as an Excellent Standard of Contribution in The Pan Malaysia Koo Soo Restaurants & Chefs Association and Nestle Food Services.  The ‘hands-on’ training, challenges and journey over two decades of hotel and dining experience not only in Malaysia but also Singapore, Hangzhou, Scotland and Ireland has spurred him on a continuous culinary exploration in all cuisines.

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