There’s plenty of options especially if you are staying in the capital city of Kota Kinabalu. Most of the popular hangouts are focused near the seafront areas like KK Waterfront & KK Times Square. Places like Gaya Street and a few 5 star hotels also offers a few deals and on occasion conduct happenings bound for attractions. Nightlife in Sabah generally starts pretty slow with most crowds actually gathering by 9-10pm.

Most of these places sometime bundled themselves into a chic dining restaurant, making them distinctive. Pubs and bars here generally could mean anything from an typical calm English Bar to the edgy fast moving music of Modern Pop Music or R&B Disco types. In fact some nightspots are considered quite ‘indie’ with performances handled by locals or imported bands from nearby countries.

From live bands performing in pubs to resident DJs and the occasional visiting DJs spinning the decks at the clubs, you’ll be sure to enjoy a good night out with your partner, friends or just mingle with the local crowd. The night life scene has quie a lot to offer.


A prominent nightlife scene located at the heart of the city, located right next to the Phillipines Market. Housed a number of fine dining cuisine with seafood cravings. This is a very major nightspot and very well known place in the state catered for all sort of visitors.


Located at the northern point of the city area, during the day it serves as an active and prominenent ferry terminal to nearby islands as well as to Labuan and Brunei. By night, it turns into one of the major hot spots in the city. A mere walking distance from anywhere within city area.


On Sunday’s, it serves as a well known sunday market since the 90’s. Although it’s part of the banking hub, by night there are a few prominent nightspots around. Convienient for those staying at the nearby backpackers or boutique hotels which is another trademark of Gaya Street.


Located outside the city, nudged in between Sutera Harbour resort and the southern tip of the capital city area. A favourite among youngsters, the place is a little difficult to access at the moment but the number of visitors at night proof that distances does not serve a barricade at all. Posh fine dining has found it’s mark here in this area.


This area is about 15 minutes drive from the city centre. A commercial area that took rise not too long ago and has been actively known to many people here in the capital. The area has been affliate with many clubs with plenty of dining options that operates way past midnight.


Another area almost similar like Lintas as they took up the commercial development boom at the same time. 15 minutes drive from city centre. There are a few clubs and plenty of eatery choices here so there is no reason for you to tear your walle apart. A bustling business area by night, the night scenes here are often soft and a major favourite for young people.


About 30 – 40 minutes drive when the highway is free. It’s actually a district connecting towards the outbacks and more often a choice for the locals who come down from their villages to have fun. Food choices are abundant and prices are often very affordable. If the thought of beer with wild (jungle) ingredients dishes being served is your ante, then get a local buddy to guide you there.