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The geographic isolation gives Borneo a special biogeography of its own thus giving existence to special flora and fauna. The Wallace Line, an imaginary line drawn to separate the eco zones on the South East Asia region clearly gives distinctions of the ecological unique nature.

The coastal forests include mangrove forest, freshwater swamp forest, riverine forest and beach vegetation. Mangroves are home to the trademarked Proboscis Monkeys and Kota Kinabalu City area itself was once a mangrove before it evolved into a bustling city today. Mangrove forests and swamp forests are important breeding grounds for fish and provide nesting and roosting sites for wetland wildlife. A visit to Klias or Gerama on the west coast or Labuk Bay on the east coast will fulfill your experience.

Kinabalu Park offers a wide range of botanical species both rare and unique. It’s only less than 2 hours drive from the capital city depending on road conditions. This area is rich with montane habitat types. Upper montane habitat type in Sabah is basically restricted to Kinabalu and Trus Madi mountains, which are along the crocker range mountains. Many rare and restricted range species occur in these unique habitats.

Gomantong and Madai offer one of the largest caves in Sabah and are easily accessible. The caves here provide homes for bats and a number of nocturnal animals. The Batu Punggul is a limestone rock pinnacle and is a quaint destination in Sabah. The journey to Batu Punggul itself is both interesting and challenging as you would be travel both by water and by land to areas without modern communication services before you could reach there.

Dipterocarp forests are abundant in Sabah. Dipterocarp Forests are among the most diverse ecosystems on earth, and are home to most of Sabah’s unique and famous wildlife species, such as orangutan and rhinoceros. Most commercial logging is carried out in these forests. If you have the money to fork out, you can opt to stay at Danum Valley enjoy Sabah’s Nature Gifts while living in luxurious spacious and comfortable cabins. On the other hand, Maliau Basin offers you a trek you will never forget as the place is basically isolated with many more undiscovered treks and wonders yet to be found. Maliau offers you a hardcore trek so be prepared