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Situated 159 km from the capital city of Kota Kinabalu in the northern-most tip of Sabah in the town of Kudat, is Tampat Do Aman, an intimate nature escape. In the native Rungus language Tampat Do Aman means a place of peace, or a place of friends, the place itself stretches on a 6 acre land resting on the only road leading up to the tip of Borneo and its pristine 10 km coastline; a gateway to eight world class beaches. Their 6 acre of land in the Kudat district is divided into two segments; the Jungle Camp accommodations and a Nature Reserve, home to a wildlife sanctuary. Howard Stanton, his wife and their team of locals, manages Tampat Do Aman with a vision of presenting guest with the best of two worlds whilst preserving the culture of the native Rungus in Kudat. They combine the pleasures of traditional accommodations in the midst of great jungles, with picturesque beaches on your backyard. Together, they offer guest the ultimate Borneo experience.


The Traditional Rungus Jungle Camp’s safe and simple accommodations cater to all budget scales, so that everyone has a chance to experience Tampat Do Aman. With a maximum capacity of 42 people, the camp is ideal for both lone travelers and larger groups. The Jungle Camp comprises of a Traditional Rungus Long House, and nine “little huts” nestled in rows. The 50 ft traditional Rungus Long House is a communal style accommodation designed after those lived in by the Rungus people, Sabah’s most traditional sub-group of the indigenous Kadazandusun. There is also a kitchen and a seating area where guest can relax and mingle with the others. The “little huts” are semi permanent wooden huts raised up on wooden decks, with the basic necessity of light, fan, and a comfortable bed with self contained Mossie nets to keep the bed bugs out. Each hut comes with its own little garden, allowing guest to sit amongst the great landscape and see butterflies, birds, and animals up close. An outdoor shower block with four separate showers gives guest a chance to bath with full view of the galaxy of stars above and the nature reserve just a stone’s throw away, as they cleanse themselves of their days activities. As the only company with access to the Kudat Forest Reserve, home to a host of birds, animals and plant life, the reserve provides a backdrop of sight and sound at the jungle camp. With this in mind, it is only appropriate that the camp aims to be fully environmentally friendly by using solar power and compost toilets as sustainable facilities while making future plans to install a bio gas system in the next year or so. This gives guest a chance to enjoy, explore and embrace their trip without having to strain the environment while doing so. Having recently been awarded the Certificate of Excellence from, rest assured that by being fully environmentally friendly, Tampat Do Aman is still able and excels in fulfilling their promise of giving guest the best experience of discovering Borneo at its natural roots while still providing comfortable facilities and great service.


Looking out on to the Kosuhui beach on the shores of Simpang Mengayau, is Tampat Do Aman’s restaurant Tip Top. Although separated from the jungle camp, there is a regular shuttle bus service that links the beach with the Jungle Camp accommodations. On the menu, Tip Top offers an explorative mixture of local Sabah food; Rungus, Malay, Chinese and familiar western dishes. Howard’s wife Lorina handles the kitchen with her staff of local Kudat ladies, where together they cook and exchanges culinary ideas and recipes with guest. It’s an intimate experience at Tip Top, where no one is left feeling like a stranger. Most of their ingredients are brought in locally from the nearby markets in Kudat, ensuring only the freshest produce used. Seafood dinners are also available with a prior’s day notice. Nevertheless, their priority in serving the environment is kept in the kitchens as well, as they only serve Open Ocean Pelagic fish. A wooden deck embraces the rays of day light and sunsets, as guest lay around and take in the beauty and peace of the Tip of Borneo. For the convenience of guest, a new restaurant is currently under construction at the camp site. Currently dubbed as The Rungus Cafe, it is scheduled to open around the month of July 2013.


Crafted to get guest involved in the community, and exploring the full potential of the natural surroundings of Kudat, Tampat Do Aman offers a wide variety of activities on land and sea. The best way to explore the surrounding area is by land. Mountain bikes are available for hire, and matched with a map of the recommended bike trail, guest are set and ready for an exciting day out. On the bike trails, guest will ride pass local villages, grassy hills, a mangrove board walk, at least two waterfalls, and pass several scenic coastlines along the way. A picnic basket is a definite necessity to perfect the day. To learn more about Kudat and its native Rungus people, visit the Tampat Do Aman’s Rungus Museum. Where they exhibit and preserve the history of the Rungus people in Kudat and their ways of life. Another attraction is the Wildlife sanctuary, house to 3 species of indigenous deer’s and where jungle trekking and survival courses are also held. There are 3 trails available; 1.5 hours, 4 hours, or an 8 hour trail. Hence, guest is in control of the duration of their trails. A guide will guide guest through the reserve, pointing out all the interesting animals and plants throughout the trail. Learn essential survival skills on the Jungle survival course, which could come in handy if ever needed in any survival situation. Skills such as How to build and light a fire in the wet, Medicinal and edible plants, Harmful animals and plants to avoid and plenty more.

Author: Mariana


Telephone : (60) 13 8808395
Address : Kg. Tiga Papan, Peti Surat 115, 89570 Kudat, Sabah
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Email : tampatdoaman(at)



  • Tampat Do Aman’s Rungus Museum

  • Tampat Do Aman’s Nature Reserve

  • Jungle trekking

  • Volunteer programs

  • Jungle survival course

  • Mountain bike hire

  • Kayaking

  • Surf board hire and lessons

  • Snorkel gear hire

  • Board games and library

  • Balls and games for the beach