The Interior Division is an administrative division of the state of Sabah. It occupies the southwest portion of Sabah, bordered by the neighbouring state of Sarawak on its west. With an area of 18,298 square kilometres, it covers 24.9% of Sabah’s territory and is home to approximately 14.7% of Sabah’s total population. The largest [...]

Sinurambi Mountain Resort


The Crocker Range rises dramatically from the west coast and the rugged landscape is crowned by its highest peak, Mt Kinabalu (4,092m). Just 35 minutes from Kota Kinabalu and 1400 ft a.s.l. into the range is Sinurambi, a private home of Terry and Rose Mills who manages this stunning residence as a cozy homestay. [...]

Tampat Do Aman


Situated 159 km from the capital city of Kota Kinabalu in the northern-most tip of Sabah in the town of Kudat, is Tampat Do Aman, an intimate nature escape. In the native Rungus language Tampat Do Aman means a place of peace, or a place of friends, the place itself stretches on a 6 [...]

TSM Merrimas Villa


(TANJUNG SIMPANG MENGAYAU KUDAT) MERRIMAS VILLA Located just a short walk away from the northern-most tip of Borneo's Tanjung Simpang Mengayau is Merrimas Villa. A colony of 14 chalets and a restaurant makes this destination a pit-stop to those visiting the Tip of Borneo. Settled between the heavy greenery beyond its chalets and the [...]



This section was created to provide information on the quaint places, events and coverage. The listings here would include places, hobbies unique and rather off limits. Sabah or North Borneo is still one of the many places in the world not fully explored, so let's expect the charms to hopefully never ends. Sabah is blessed [...]

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