The grand opening of Zing Restaurant & Bar! The latest chilling and happening place in town! Zing Restaurant & Bar is located at Imago KK Times Square’s Aramaiti Street. A beautifully constructed Restaurant and Bar, 5000sqft floor space with the longest square bar in KK city so far. A very special Grand opening month of beer promotion are to entice you to come over.


They have varieties of refreshing western and local food menus to choose from. A Must try the Zing’s top recommendation, the Cocktail. Their Cocktail drinks base was the Strongbow Apple Ciders, which is specifically made for the ladies who did not favour strong alcoholic drinks.


There are variety of mocktails available at Zing and their top recommendation would be the Mock Champagne, Sapphire Lemonade and the Pina Colada as well. Each mocktail only contain a small amount of alcohol percentage and it is very suitable for the ladies whenever they went out to drink, chilling and relax with their friends.ZING RESTAURANT AND BAR (2)40675730_1358609207602364_3544699074177400832_oThere are also variety of western and local food selection to choose from. For starter, the Ultimate Loaded Nachos and Sweet Potato Fries are very tasty and crispy. Then, The Zing’s recommendation meal was the Beef ribs. It was dressed with mushroom sauce and served with mashed potatoes, grilled corn and buttered vegetables. The meat is tender, juicy and slice off easily from the bone! I must say is very well-seasoned and goes extremely well with the mash potatoes and sauce. They also served local foods such as Nasi Kerabu, Asam Beef with fragrance rice and also the Chicken or Beef satay. For a healthier choice, choose selections of refreshing Salads. They also made amazing desserts, the Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake and Tiramisu are very delicious!

ZING RESTAURANT AND BAR (4)40922999_1358609110935707_3946029227861606400_oTel : 088-222866

Opens everyday from 10am – 1am

Location: Zing Restaurant & Bar, Imago Aramaiti Street Walk Kota Kinabalu Sabah