Breathing the fresh air while you are in Sabah is already enough to freshen up your thoughts and the sight of Mount Kinabalu at the distance allows your eyes to rest comfortably. The natural flora and fauna in abundance available here are generally already considered a natural gift for everyone’s well being.

Tired and needing a little massage after an energetic tour? Here STG tries to help you discover the few places we highly recommended to relax while you are on your holiday. There’s plenty of traditional health and fitness area in Sabah to look for, some even in a pretty unusual form like the Ikan Tagal Massage at Sungai Moroli, Kampung Luanti.


Feeling sore and uncomfortable with the throbbing and nagging pain in your tired muscles? Are your feet screaming for some attention from all that walking? Or are you just Then look no further and head to any spa, reflexology or massage centres scattered all around the city for a relaxing and revitalizing pampering session. Spas are available at all 5-star resorts in Sabah, major districts and towns.