The main shopping centres in Sabah are located in Kota Kinabalu (KK) City. Most shopping centres offer a variety of different retail outlets, whereby each shopping centre has its own uniqueness. You will be astonished at the wide choice offered! You can find almost anything you could possibly need, from souvenirs and antiques, books to camping equipment, designer clothes, electronic goods and computers, and fresh foods. In shopping malls, you also find pharmacies, food courts, one-stop photo labs and moneychangers, recreational facilities, hairdressers and centres for therapeutic massages as well as foot reflexology.

In other major towns in Sabah (Sandakan, Tawau, Keningau, Kudat) you will find smaller malls that caters mainly to the local population and you might not find the same variety as in Kota Kinabalu. However, you will always find everything should you suddenly run out of films, batteries, food provisions and mineral water and even basic medical supplies.

In the city area itself, there are a few shopping malls scattered within the city limits whereas the largest shopping mall in KK is about 15 minutes away from the city centre. Below is a list of the few major shopping malls, bookstores and outdoor shops found in KK.


High traffic with a very large variety of interests including cinemas and bowling. Located next to Warisan Square commercial centre.

Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm
1 Jalan Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-246900
Location: C7 on the latest Free STG Traveller’s Map


A major mall for all tourism offices can be found here. Located within walking distance from banks and the Jesselton Point Jetty itself.

Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm
Jalan Haji Saman, 88000 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-213686
Location: C3 on the latest Free STG Traveller’s Map


One of the earliest malls to open in Sabah and house several prominent offices. Best known for its money changer hubs. Closes early.

Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm
Jalan Haji Saman, 88000 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-232761
Location: C3 on the latest Free STG Traveller’s Map


1Borneo Hypermall also kn

own as 1Borneo is the largest shopping complex in East Malaysia. 1Borneo Hypermall is situated in an area which is the fastest growing sector in Sabah. It’s just 7 km away from Kota Kinabalu City and about 13 km away from Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm
1Borneo Hypermall, Jln Sulaman, 88400 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-448000
Location: J2 on the Free STG Traveller’s Map


The largest and central HUB for IT and electronic consumer products in Sabah. A small imitation of KL’s LOW YAT.

Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm
Karamunsing Complex, 88300 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-268751
Location: E8-E9 on the Free STG Traveller’s Map


Exclusive Handicraft centre and a prominent Outdoor Gear on first floor. High traffic due to location next to central Local Public Transport Hub.

Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm
Coastal Highway, 88300 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-231773
Location: C10 on the Free STG Traveller’s Map


A relatively small mall located within glancing distance of the fame Filipino Market, Wet Market. Linked to the longest pedestrian bridge in the city.

Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm
KK Plaza, Jln Lapan Belas, 88000 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-221979
Location: C5 on the Free STG Traveller’s Map


Walking distance and a stone throw’s away (behind) Centre Point. Posh brand products, Spas, Fine dining. Has 2 hotels and trendy, seaview offices.

Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm
Warisan Square, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, 88000 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-447871
Location: C7 on the Free STG Traveller’s Map


Located off the outskirt of city limits but this is an active and populous mall catering to mainly local residence who resides nearby.

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
Jalan Lintas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-484408, 484409
Location: K3 on the Free STG Traveller’s Map


There’s a prominent seafood restaurant, arts & crafts stalls, foreign language schools and restaurants, hotels and an event centre.

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
Jalan Asia City, 88000 Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-447784
Location: D7 on the Free STG Traveller’s Map


More of a service apartments with shops mainly catered for it’s local residence. Hard to reach by public transport. Located near the Likas Stadium.

Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm
1 Lorong Likas Square, Jalan Istiadat Likas, 88400
Phone: 088-252233
Location: J2 on the Free STG Traveller’s Map


Located within walking distance from Wisma Sabah, Jesselton Point, banking sectors. More known for its parking abundance and cineplexes.

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
Suria Sabah, Jalan Haji Saman, Kota Kinabalu
Phone: 088-288800
Location: C2 on the Free STG Traveller’s Map


Located in Donggongon, 20 minutes drive from airports and city area. It’s at 380 meter long. Active and has a cineplex and wide variety of shops.

Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm
Jalan Taipakkung Donggongon, 89500 Penampang
Phone: 088-??????
Location: Not on the Free STG Traveller’s Map


Located in Tawau town area. Name EASTERN because Tawau is the town at the most eastern end of Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm
Block G 396/399, Bandar Sabindo 91010 Tawau
Phone: 089-771149
Location: Not on the Free STG Traveller’s Map (Above TG1)


For centuries, traders from all around came to the tamu to sell their wares or to barter with other traders for items that they need. As time passed, it has become a meeting place as well as a place for local traders to sell their products till today. It is mostly held in the outskirt towns in districts such as Donggongon, Kota Belud, Papar and Tamparuli. Besides being a great place to meet the locals, you are able as well as to get some market goodies, produced locally by them. This is also a place for you to put your bargaining skills to the test upon purchasing goods from the locals. The tamu is also a place where you are able to experience different sights, sounds and even smells from the wares for sale.

The Tamu Besar, held annually, usually in the month of October is the biggest traditional open-air market found in Sabah and held at the Kota Belud district. The main highlights of this special event are the Bajau Horsemen on horseback (or fondly known as the Cowboys of the East) parade, the water buffalo race and the Ratu Serempak beauty pageant.


Starting around 6pm onwards, the night market stalls will be up and running. Situated within the city limits, one can find handmade jewellery, clothes, cheap sunglasses, clothes, shoes and other household goods and much more. There are night markets available are the ones being in Kg. Air, Segama and another just beside Le Meridien Hotel. The market in Segama sells goods such as imported and local fresh fruits with several stalls selling Sabah’s street food.


Located in the centre of KK’s business district, Gaya Street was originally named Bond Street. Gaya Street Sunday Market has automatically become a signature weekend event ever since it’s inception in the early 90’s. The entire Gaya Street will be closed off to traffic to make way for the Sunday market. Here, one can find food and fruits, pets, handicrafts, potted plants and almost about anything. This is the best place for tourists to walk around to experience the local atmosphere where families come together for an enjoyable Sunday family outing. Every Sunday from 6.30 am to 1.00 pm