Pure love for food & especially Sambal inspired Anteh Jeri to make Tempoyak Durian Lomunu. Lomunu is the name of the place where the family’s durian farm is located. Tempoyak is notably well known in Malaysia & Indonesia. Made by taking the flesh of durian, mixing it with salt and kept for days for fermentation. Anteh Jeri’s Tempoyak is a duplication of Indonesia’s tempoyak recipe with a touch of Sabahan’s taste. Anteh Jeri’s tagline is ‘Try Once & You Will Ask For More!”.

For those who never tried Tempoyak, this100% homemade dish taste delicious with steam rice.  Specially packed in a clear container, 360gm at RM25 each. Delivery can be arranged based on minimal order requirement.

Other than Tempoyak, Bambangan ikan masin & sambal belacan tomato is also available under Anteh Jeri’s product line.

For more info & booking:-
Anteh Jeri – 019 8323216