Project Description

This section was created to provide information on the quaint places, events and coverage. The listings here would include places, hobbies unique and rather off limits. Sabah or North Borneo is still one of the many places in the world not fully explored, so let’s expect the charms to hopefully never ends. Sabah is blessed with diverse geographical features to entice intrepid explorers, divers, nature enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. From the tropical rainforests of Danum Valley to diving in the waters of Sipadan, from the peak of Mount Kinabalu to the wildlife of Kinabatangan, Sabah is living up to its title of being an eco-tourism destination.

As you visit the famous attractions mentioned, have you ever wondered what hidden treasures lie unexplored in other places in Sabah? Although many of these have been neatly packaged into organised tours, there is still a lot of Sabah that you can sink your teeth into. If you are one of those travellers that seek something different and out of the norm, Sabah has a few hidden gems right under her sleeves readily for you to explore. These hidden gems are usually off the beaten track, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and crowds. You are bound to be mesmerised by the beauty and natural surroundings of these locations.


Some travellers prefer to stay and/or go to less touristy destinations and accommodations for some peace and quiet during their much needed vacation. There are some ethical resort operators or owners that practiced a green approach to their resort where solar panels and hydro power are utilized. What makes these destinations stand out from the rest is that they are often retro, serene yet retaining the holistic touch that nature can provide. Apart from that, the natural surroundings makes them a suitable place for relaxation and a perfect getaway for some.


You are probably not a part of a larger entourage and more often the type who would like to discover something that is less popular and prefer something fresh, rare, exciting, and most of all, a road less taken. You prefer challenging environments which will lead to highly rewarding deals. 4WD Safaris, Photo Safaris, Mountain Bike Treks, Via Ferrata, Paragliding. The names above may not be your average typical activities or hobbies so we are listing them here so you can have more information.