Project Description

Located right on the Malaysian/Philippine boarder, Mataking consists of two islands; Mataking Besar (Big Mataking) and Mataking Kecil (Small Mataking), extending a little over 40 acre altogether. 45 minute by speedboat from mainland Semporna, brings guest to a land untouched by civilization and pollution, Mataking’s only development on the 2 Islands is the wooden structure of the Mataking Reef Dive resort, only dive resort there. Serene, secluded and superb are the white sandy shore at Mataking, plush with rich green forestry overlooking the sapphire blues of its crystal clear waters. With over 30 dive sites in its vicinity, Mataking has an abundance of macro and pelagic marine life looming in its clear waters home to soft and hard coral beds. With visibility at about 40 feet/ 12 meters during good weathers, there is no need for worry in missing a glimpse at the abundance of marine life at the island.

The reef structure at Mataking Islands, is a combination of slope and reef walls that drops to as deep as 100 meters and below. The Alice Channel, a 100-150m deep channel connects Mataking to the world famous Sipadan Island, thus sharing in its waters the wealth of marine life found at Sipadan. Besides the macro marine life inhabiting the waters at Mataking, there is an array of large marine life as well such as grey reef sharks, manta rays, hammerheads, turtles, and big eye trevallies to name a few.

A fun highlight while diving at Mataking is the “Shipwreck Post”, an underwater post office on an old wooden ship wreck. The first of its kind in Malaysia, and among 5 similar ones located around the world, hotel guest and divers can mail themselves a postcard which is sealed in a waterproof postal wrap bag. It all began in 2006, when the Mataking Reef Dive Resort sank Mataking 1, an old 40 foot wooden cargo ship, to create an artificial reef to attract tropical reef fishes as part of their conservation program. A main box was placed on the front of the wheel house of the shipwreck, and thus the underwater post office was created.

Beside diving and underwater activities, Mataking Islands offers a variety of activities to be done in both Mataking Besar and Kecil. Roughly divided by a 1 kilometer strip of sandbar that is clearly visible during low tides, one can and should experience walking from the Mataking Besar to Kecil during low tides. The wild tropical jungles of Mataking are great for light jungle trekking, or go deep sea fishing in to opaque blue , all of which and more are activities coordinated by the resort for visiting guest.

The Reef Dive Resort at Mataking is the only structure in all of the 2 islands. Inspired by traditional architecture, its King Chalets, Beach Villa and Premier Deluxe rooms offer luxurious comfort in the natural surroundings of the island. Whether it is a retreat for yourself or an exciting undersea exploration, the Reef Resort has an array of activities to keep you busy while at the island. With a maximum capacity of a 100 people, the Reef resort is a great place for family retreats, large dive groups, or an exotic business retreat.

Attraction Points

  • Daily scuba dives

  • Macro dives

  • Night dives

  • Underwater Postal Service

  • Best Service Resort!

To Do

  • Beach Strolling

  • Diving

  • Scuba

  • Weddings

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