Project Description

Sukau originated from the Chinese word “shugao”, which means “the trees are tall”. It would later be pronounced as it is now – Sukau. Long time ago, Sukau faced deforestation at an alarming level. In order to preserve the rainforest, the government has asked for the help of the land owners who started to plant some fast growing fruit trees under the government’s guidance, and which provide food and shelters for the wild animals. Consequently, the fruit trees have formed a secondary forest which attracts not only the wild animals, but also the butterflies, dragonflies, insects and reptiles to live in the area of Proboscis Lodge Bukit Melapi. Along the jungle trekking paths, you will find traces and feces of animal, such as Borneon Pygmy Elephants, and Borneon Sun Bear; that attract not only the butterflies, dragonflies and insects, but also provide nutrients for the basic layers of the food chain such as mushrooms and fungus to grow.

Joining hands with World Wildlife Fund, the Chief Minister of Sabah had launched the “Corridor of Life” in 2002, signifying that Sukau is now one of the sanctuaries for wildlife in Sabah. Lantern bug is an insect that belongs to the Fulgoridae family. Having an organ which lookslike a long nose with a lantern-like appearance make it distinctive from the rest. Unlike the firefly, lantern bug is unable to illuminate by itself. There are different kinds of lantern bug in the world, but all of them share a common feature – a body with bright colours. However, because of their tiny size, they become rather inconspicuous when they are up in the trees. Many people think that insects are herbivores, but in fact there some kinds of insects which are carnivores, and mantis is one of them. Mantis has sickle-shaped forelimbs, always wait silently in a hidden place to attack passing by insects, including butterflies, bees and grasshoppers. When mantis bends its forelimbs, it looks like it’s praying, so that earns it the name of “praying mantises”.


  • Amazing features of various wildlife!

  • Ox Bow Lakes

  • Exotic and unique wildlife

  • Short Jungle Treks

  • Exquisite River Lodges


  • Take the River Cruises available from any tour offices in Sandakan

  • Have a overnight stay in one of the many river lodges available

  • Visit Gomantong Caves situated along the way

  • Join the local folks and learn of the community living there