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Poring is named after a species of giant bamboo that grows abundantly in the area. It lies in the eastern boundaries and situated some 40km (25miles) from the Kinabalu Park Headquarters. Poring Hot Springs is about 400m above sea level and is dominated by the lowland forest with huge dipterocarp trees easily seen in the trails.

Poring is known for its hot sulphur spring bath which was first developed by the Japanese during world war II. The hot waters of the spring are piped into open-air baths. Indoor bath-tubs is also available for those who prefered privacy. It is believed that the hot sulphur spring has therapeutic properties that heal certain skin diseases, and the heat and minerals also can soothe muscles and improve blood and lymphatic circulation, thereby improving health and skin. At Poring Hot Spring, you could experience the breathtaking treetop walk on the 43m tall canopy walkway. Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world is one of the main attractions here.

Other than the natural hot spring main attraction at Poring Hot Springs, there are also other interesting areas in the park to be visited such as the butterfly farm, the Poring Orchid Conservation Centre, the tropical garden, the Poring canopy walkway, and the Rafflesia flower site. The park offers a short jungle trek that leads to the Kolopis Falls.

There is also a ‘off-beaten’ track that leads to another higher falls but take caution as this trek is not highly recommendable as it’s risky but you could reward yourself with an upclose meet of the Lagadan Waterfalls. Very few official guides will allow you to trek beyond the Kolopis Falls especially towards the Lagadan Waterfalls as the route is less maintained and is often slippery and posed quite a challenge.

Attraction Points

  • Poring canopy walkway

  • Hot Springs

  • Butterfly Farm

  • Orchid Conservation Centre

  • Tropical gardens

  • Kopungit Falls

  • Lagadan Waterfalls

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