Project Description

Located 15 km from Tenom town is the Sabah Agricultural Park, a development by the Sabah State Government for research as well as tourism. Located at Lagud Sebrang, the park extends over 1,500 acres! This is also were you can visit the Tenom Orchid Farm, with over 1,000 indigenous orchids. The place has been developed into a highly interesting and educational agro-tourism park well worth a visit.

Located within the Lagud Sebrang Agriculture Research Station, the Sabah Agriculture Park is a sprawling 202-hectar establishment which was officially launched in March 2001. Set against the lush greenery of the Crocker Range, the Park is ideal for nature-based activities that are knowledge oriented. Visitors can explore the many well laid trails, elaborate gardens and educational centres for a deeper appreciation of Mother Nature.


This centre is recognized as one of the most important centre in the world for the collection and conservation of native Bornean orchid species. Approximately 1500 plants consisting of 400 species are housed here including the endemic Slipper Orchid (Paphiopedilum sanderiaum, P. lowii & P. stonei) and endangered species such as the Elephant Ear Orchid (Phalaenopsis gigantea), Rat Tail Orchid (Paraphalaenopsis labukensis), Giant Orchid (Gramatophyllum speciosum) and Rose Orchid (Dimorphorchis rossii).


This centre is internationally known as one of the best bee research centres in the world. It is home to four out of five species of honeybees that occur naturally in Sabah. Visitors can learn about the distinctive social behavior of this insect while observing them up close in modern beehives and native beehives called gelodog. Various equipments used to extract honey are also on display.


Over 400 species of plants are systematically cultivated in 15 different sections in this three hectare museum. The crops are highlighted according to functions such as medicine, perfume, beverage and many others. A must-vist is the tropical fruits sections which feature over 200 species of local and wild fruits as well as introduced fruits that originated from countries as far as South America, Africa, India and Australia. For extra precaution, visitors are advised to read the labels before sampling anything.


This mini zoo located on a pne hectar grazing land is home to various farm animals such as ducks and geese, goat, sheep, and three types of deer, namely the Sambar deer, Chital Deer (Axis axis) and Timorensis Deer (Cervus timorensis). Visitors keen on bird watching are recommended to visit the adjacent Lake Sapong for a chance to spot different species of water birds.


The Ornamental Garden comprises 21 disticnt and well-lanscaped gardens including the Bougainvillea Court, Ixora Garden, Lily Glade, Hibiscus Garden, Cactus Garden, Oriental Garden, Hoya Garden and Shrubs Garden. The garden also features a unique collection of parasitic and carnivorous plants including pitcher plants.

Attraction Points

  • Native Orchid Centre

  • Crops Museum

  • Ornamental Garden

  • Plant Evolution & Plant Adaptation Garden

  • Bee Centre and Museum

  • Animal Park

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